PG Provides Exceptional Upgrades
and Modifications That Are Geared Toward the Customer

After full disassembly, cleaning, inspection, and measurement, the expert technicians at PG are able to determine what upgrades and modifications will best suit your needs and the needs of your gearbox. When you receive a suggestion for an upgrade or modification from PG, you can be confident that it is the result of an in-depth process that includes full disassembly and cleaning, proinspection and measurement, and evaluation of your gearbox.

The experts at PG have worked through your gearbox problems from day one, so they are well-qualified to advise you at this point in the gearbox repair and overhaul process. Whether you’re facing a difficult gearbox problem or trying to enhance performance, PG can advise you on what modifications and upgrades are best for your parallel shaft, bevel gear, variable speed or high speed enclosed drives. Trust PG to get your gearboxes back in service and running smoothly.

Philadelphia Gear

With more than a century in the gear business and as a founding member of the American Gear Manufacturing Association (AGMA), Philadelphia Gear has earned a reputation for unparalleled quality in the field of gearbox manufacturing and repairs. From performing an automatic transmission gearbox overhaul to providing you with a gearbox swap or change, PG offers a wide variety of gearbox-related services to ensure that your operation can function optimally.

In today’s ultra-competitive markets, you can’t afford to lose ground to a competitor because of equipment that performs inconsistently or below expectations. PG can ensure that your company has the best gearbox efficiency levels attainable. Whether you’re a world-famous company looking to keep your machinery working effectively or a startup venture who wants to build a foundation around the best equipment possible, PG can provide you with the gearbox manufacturing and repairs to help you meet your goals.

Ash-Grove Tank
Air Preheater Drives

Automatic Transmission Repair and Overhaul
by PG Will Get Your Equipment in Gear

The history of Philadelphia Gear is filled with innovation, ingenuity, and excellence, so it's no surprise that our list of clients looks like a hall of fame ballot for the fields of petrochemicals, water management, steel, sugar, and others. In America and around the world, industry-leading companies rely on PG to power their operations. These companies know that no other gear manufacturer and repairer can offer PG's blend of global availability and local service. With five full-service facilities around the country, each strategically located and capable of addressing every gearbox problem, Philadelphia Gear is poised to help you motor to the top. Browse our website today to see the many services we offer, the long list of world-famous companies that depend on our gears, and the possibilities in store for your enterprise if you partner with PG.

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