Roller Mill Drives

Roller mills of various types are widely used for crushing coal, limestone, hard rock ores and other materials whose particle size needs to be reduced for processing. The reduction gear drive is one of the most critical components of the roller mill. The gearing must continuously withstand severe impact loads, whose vertical loading can reach values in excess of 3 million pounds.

This is a heavy-duty application that requires a heavy-duty solution. That is why Philadelphia Gear has been a principle source of pulverizer drives for more than 50 years.

Roller Mill Drive Chart
Philadelphia Gear
First and Second Generation Roller Mill Drives

First Generation Roller Mill Drives

Philadelphia Gear® was one of the most successful lines of dynamic pulverizer drives ever developed. Working with OEMs Babcock & Wilcox, Combustion Engineering (CE) and Foster Wheeler, we supplied the gear drive for the MPS-89, CE and MBF coal pulverizers, respectively. Characteristics of this style of pulverizer drive are:

  • Triple reduction, bevel helical gear configuration
  • Bevel and single helical gearing supported by rolling element bearings
  • Pressure lubricated gearing and bearings
  • Output table supported by thrust bearing

Second Generation Roller Mill Drives

Functionally, these units are designed to perform the same as the first generation pulverizer drives but have some different characteristics:

  • Gear configuration is double reduction bevel-planetary (epicyclic)
  • Gearing is bevel and spur epicyclic, supported by rolling element bearings
  • Gearing is pressure lubricated by motor driven oil pump
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