Move Forward With Reverse Engineering by the Experts at Philadelphia Gear

At Philadelphia Gear, we have more than a century’s worth of experience working with gears, evolving the technology from the relatively simple to the incredibly complex. We were founding members of the American Gear Manufacturing Association, and the spirit of innovation so evident in our early years lives on in the way we address gearbox problems and restore and refurbish power transmissions. Because about half the gearboxes that Philadelphia Gear overhauls and upgrades are competitor brands, an important part of the process of gearbox repair and overhaul is the fifth step, reverse engineering. By recording comprehensive measurements and producing component parts to original specifications, the experts at Philadelphia Gear can create a duplicate of any gear drive or assembly component part.

PG can use the process of reverse engineering to reproduce enclosed drives, parallel shafts, high speed gearboxes, bevel gear drives, variable speed drives, and crusher drives, and in many cases, come up with upgrades that were not part of the original engineered design. When you need engine restoration or gear manufacturing, turn to Philadelphia Gear and we’ll make sure that the consistent and optimal functioning of your gearboxes is one less thing that you have to worry about.

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Whether you’re in the field of petrochemicals, paper production, water management, or power generation, you know that the success of your enterprise depends on the success of your gearboxes. Don’t jeopardize the wellbeing of your business by relying on gearboxes that perform inconsistently and create unnecessary downtime. PG can make sure that your company possesses the best equipment possible with our detailed, multi-step overhaul process. We can rebuild, swap or change-out gearboxes, improve efficiency, provide replacement parts, make modifications, and perform gearbox assembly. From full disassembly and cleaning, the first step in the gearbox repair and overhaul process, to reinstallation and inspection, the last step, PG provides unparalleled service at every point along the way. Industry-leading companies around the world place their confidence in PG to manufacture and repair the gearboxes on which their success depends; is your confidence that well-placed?

Move Forward With Reverse Engineering by the Experts at Philadelphia Gear
PG has the Gearbox Assembly and Repair Solutions to Keep Your Gears Turning

PG has the Gearbox Assembly
and Repair Solutions to Keep Your Gears Turning

When deciding who to entrust with the manufacturing and maintenance of your gears, ask yourself the following: Does the company have a strong global presence, powering corporations in many different industries around the world? Does the company have five fully-functional facilities around the nation, each with access a vast database of gearbox-related knowledge? Does the company have a century-long history of reliable service and technological advancement in the field or gears? If the answer to any of these questions is “no,” then it’s time to trust PG for all of your gearbox needs. Browse our website today to see the many services we offer and the wide variety of successful companies that rely on PG for the manufacturing and maintenance of their gears.

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