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Philadelphia Gear has built a reputation for quality and durability by manufacturing high quality precision gearing for over a century. During these over 120 years, we've continued to develop our design and manufacturing capabilities to produce unique, high capacity gearing solutions for a diverse list of industrial clients. Please note that Philadelphia Gear is the exclusive provider of Delaval Steam Turbine, Hamilton Gear, GE Military Marine, Western Gear and WesTech parts.

Our experience has taught us that the higher the level of precision, the longer a gear system will last. That is why Philadelphia Gear utilizes the latest in gear production equipment in the manufacture of our precision gearing. Precision gears are capable of carrying more load while reducing transient loads.

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Plus, our precision gearing runs quieter, lasts longer and ultimately lowers operational costs by reducing input power requirements. At our Gear Manufacturing Center in Santa Fe Springs, California, Philadelphia Gear engineers perform all aspects of gear production, from precision tooth grinding, hobbing, shaving and lapping, to quality assurance, all in an effort to provide our customers with the custom gearing they need.

Additionally, Philadelphia Gear’s sister brand in Canada, Standard Machine (also part of the Timken Power Systems network).

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Philadelphia Gear utilizes the following production methods to manufacture our precision gearing:

  • Precision Gear Grinding: The custom-built gear grinders at Philadelphia Gear are capable of precision tooth grinding from the smallest pinions to large bull gears up to 100 inches in diameter. Temperature and humidity control is important in maintaining product uniformity and accuracy - that's why our tooth grinders are isolated from other factory operations in air conditioned manufacturing centers.

  • Gear Hobbing, Shaving and Lapping: Philadelphia Gear utilizes ultra precision gear cutters for cutting even the largest of gears. Surface, finish improvement and tooth contact optimization are obtained by shaving and lapping when a particular application requires such techniques.

Precision Gear Grinding
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  • Metallurgical Improvement: Philadelphia Gear has been producing case-hardened gearing for over 50 years. Philadelphia Gear was the first gear manufacturer to design, heat-treat and manufacture case-hardened precision tooth ground gearing in the United States. Today, that metallurgical experience allows Philadelphia Gear to continue providing our customers with cost effective gear design solutions. Further, our solutions include material choice and case hardening techniques that have become the "best practices" for the entire industry. And, finally, our case hardened gears are capable of carrying significantly more load than conventional gearing. This means that for a given load transmission task, our gears can be considerably smaller in weight and size - often significantly reducing inertia loads and lowering pitch line velocities to more manageable levels.

  • Turning and Boring: Philadelphia Gear utilizes the latest in equipment to meet the turning and boring needs of any sized gear. For precision gear case boring, we have available a wide range of technology to fit the needs of each job, from horizontal boring mills for excessively large and heavy gear cases, to CNC machine centers for production of multiple work pieces. Philadelphia Gear also utilizes a battery of precision surface grinders for absolute flatness and parallelism of gear housing.

  • Gear Metrology and Gear Drive Performance Assurance: Our Quality Assurance personnel employ sophisticated checking instruments, ensuring that each manufactured component measures up to our rigid tolerance specifications. Actual power transmission equipment operating conditions are duplicated using various test stands that simulate the same service conditions our gear drives will experience in field operation.

Advantages of Philadelphia Gear:

  • Able to meet all MIL-I-45208A and MIL-Q-9858A requirements
  • AGMA quality levels from 8 to 15
  • Internal spur and helical gears can be produced to a maximum diameter of 100 inches and pitch to 0.5 D.P. (50 module)
  • Expert knowledge of your market and industrial application
  • A network of regional service and manufacturing facilities
  • Gearing products made to print or reverse engineered as necessary
  • Reduced lifecycle cost

All geared elements will eventually need to be replaced or upgraded as manufacturing needs change. Let us give you a no cost, no obligation assessment. Don’t wait until your equipment reaches emergency status, call us today.

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