OTS Mission Statement

We will provide our customers with a solution to gearing and power transmission-related problems that allows them to one-stop-shop for Onsite Technical Services (OTS). This enables our customers to stay focused on their core business, while we seamlessly handle transactions for projects which they don’t have the expertise or resources to accomplish themselves.

With more than a century of gear design, manufacturing and overhaul behind us, Philadelphia Gear understands your critical gearbox applications better than anyone. Our newest aftermarket service, OTS, is prepared to meet all of your gearbox needs.

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Since 1892, Philadelphia Gear has provided our customers’ operations with the added value and peace of mind that comes with buying a Philadelphia brand gearbox. But, by and large, we left it up to the customers to install the gearboxes, get them out decades later for overhaul, put them back in, align them, change and analyze the oil, and so on. Now our customers have the option of letting experts do the work.

The OTS program is designed to offer our customers a total onsite solution to gearbox related issues. With one call to Philadelphia Gear, we’ll be able to define a scope of work that may include not only taking the gearboxes out and putting them back in, but also rebuilding them “in place,” re-boring the housings at the customers’ locations, any and all necessary rigging operations, mobilization of manpower, transportation of equipment and so forth. This, of course, is all in addition to – and complimentary with – our current value proposition.

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OTS Mission Statement

From hereon, our customers will have the ability to “one-stop-shop” for these services. They’ll only need to cut a single P.O. to us for an agreed upon scope of work and we’ll take it from there. By doing these jobs on a fixed-price basis, budgeting is much easier for maintenance planners and risk is minimized. Click here for a real world example of how the OTS program increases uptime and improves reliability.

When we say that OTS is complimentary and consistent with our value proposition, here’s what we mean…Philadelphia Gear customers value the OTS program for the same reason they value our other offerings: they prefer OEM expertise; they have shrinking resources of their own; and they need to minimize or avoid downtime as much as possible. And, it’s easy…one phone call starts the process for a no charge/no obligation “job walk” that allows us to define the scope and offer a formal proposal Onsite Technical Services.

In the event of an emergency, Philadelphia Gear still offers 24/7 emergency service through Technical Field Services. Realizing early on the need for providing quick repair and technical expertise, Technical Field Service has been a mainstay of the Philadelphia Gear value proposition since the very beginning. Supported by our experienced staff of power transmission engineers, technical services personnel provide detailed failure analysis assistance, as well as equipment design upgrades to support our customer’s needs for ever increasing process requirements.

Prepared by broad experience with virtually every type of power transmission application, Philadelphia Gear engineers and technical personnel understand the critical relationships between elements of a gear drive, as well as the demands of specific field applications. Working closely with Design Engineering, Renewal Parts, and the regional service and manufacturing facility personnel, Philadelphia Gear's Technical Service Department delivers turnkey solutions to our customers' gearbox operational problems.

The following field service resources assist in technical services provided by Philadelphia Gear:

  • Start-Up Assistance: A unique blend of gearbox design and practical operational experience provides smooth start-up of new or recently repaired equipment.
  • Equipment Repair: Whether on-site or at our regional service and manufacturing facilities, Philadelphia Gear's world-class service engineers and technicians are experts in repair and upgrades of existing power transmission equipment.
  • Troubleshooting: From system down to component level, our service engineers and technicians, supported by our knowledgeable engineering staff, have the ability to quickly identify and resolve gearbox operational problems.
  • Vibration Analysis and Diagnostics: Philadelphia Gear can help customers interpret the vibration data they collect on their critical rotating equipment in order to help them avoid unscheduled equipment or process shutdowns. To avail yourself of these services, please contact our Field Service department by clicking here.
  • Oil Analysis: By analyzing particulate content and concentration in the oil, we are able to monitor the condition of an operating gearbox. Further analysis of the oil yields vital information concerning the condition of the lubricant used in the equipment.
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Philadelphia Gear’s Technical Field Services and OTS aftermarket service can help keep your equipment running.
  • Failure Analysis: Root cause determination of a failure is critical in confidently returning a gearbox to service. Our service engineers look at the entire system, from operational loads, equipment design, equipment maintenance, and the failed components to determine failure cause and permanent corrective action.
  • Design Upgrades: Equipment upgrades are critical to today's production-driven manufacturing environment, supporting changing process requirements including expanding capacity, increasing reliability, and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Educational Services: General programs for site personnel are available for the maintenance and servicing of gearboxes. In addition, Philadelphia Gear will develop custom training programs for particular applications, or classes of machinery. Courses are designed to balance the level of technical detail with the practical information necessary for proper operation, servicing, or maintenance of power transmission equipment.

Whether seeking solutions in an emergency situation, or in need of a long-term partner to provide total onsite services for your gearbox needs, Philadelphia Gear’s Technical Field Services and OTS aftermarket service can help keep your equipment running.

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