Mark VII Controller

The Mark series electronic controllers were developed to precisely control Synchrotorque brand variable speed and soft-start hydroviscous drives. The Mark VII – Philadelphia Gear’s newest controller – uses the latest technology to obtain the best performance characteristics possible. To maintain a desired clutch output condition, whether it be speed, torque (load), flow or pressure, the Mark VII works as a closed loop feedback device utilizing the clutch output shaft controlled parameter as feedback. The input command signal is automatically and continually compared to the output shaft controlled parameter, an error signal is generated, and the clutch clamping pressure is continually adjusted electro-hydraulically to maintain input command signal.

The Mark VII accepts a 4-20 milliamp or frequency feedback control signal. Output parameter regulation is accurate within +/-.01%, provided that adequate sensor accuracy is available. Low oil pressure, high oil temperature or any other critical parameter alarm or shutdown control is also available, as well as programmed acceleration and deceleration rates which are critical for high inertial load applications. Interactive control of multiple clutches or clutch-brake combinations is another programmed capability.

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User Friendly

The Mark Series controller is user friendly and no software programming is necessary. Two, four-line liquid crystal displays and a membrane keypad for displaying and entering functions are standard features, and the Mark VII prompts the operator for all start-up parameters, which are entered through the keypad or through a directRS 232 interface with a personal computer, a programmable logic controller or a terminal. No software education or training is required. Significantly, these parameters can be altered during equipment operation.

Versatility and Reliability

The Mark VII has one integral and four proportional gain settings for precise control of the output parameter over the entire equipment operating range, as well as four acceleration and four deceleration rates, all programmable within existing operating ranges.

Versatility is another key feature of the Mark VII controller. It can be configured as a stand-alone installation or fit into a standard 19” rack.


Three levels of access provide security to the more critical controller functions. A special four digit access code, one for each level of access, must be entered before the controller can be activated.

Mark VII Controller
Mark VII Controller

Benefits of the Mark VII Controller

  • Simplified construction consisting of off the shelf modularized components. The microprocessor motherboard with soldered connections has been upgraded to a modularized assembly. All components are connected with hard wiring for ease of installation and replacement via screw connections.
  • The Mark VII can replace any previous Mark Series Controller with no modification required. The Mark VII is housed in the same NEMA 4 enclosure as all previous models. All connected inputs and outputs are identical to all previous models.
  • Simplified troubleshooting procedure to isolate any controller component malfunction in minutes. Modularized construction and screw type connections make component removal and replacement easy and fast.
  • Keypad operation is simple, straight forward and very similar to that of its Mark VI predecessor.
  • A maintenance and troubleshooting kit is available for purchase. The kit includes all instructions, tools and spare modules to permit the user to troubleshoot and repair the Mark VII on-site, and within one hour in most cases.
  • The four line liquid crystal input command and output shaft controlled parameter displays replace the former LED type displays.
  • The Mark VII controller has no e-prom memory chip. The controller is pre-programmed for all required controller logic. This program is non-volatile and requires no battery backup. The program settings do require battery backup. The battery is a typical coin type cell that exhibits long life, is common and readily available.
  • The Mark VII controller has the capability to perform any and all task previously performed by any other Mark Series controller.
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