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Gear 101 Training Seminars

With well over a century of gear drive design, manufacture and trouble-shooting behind it, Philadelphia Gear is proud to undertake the challenge of educating the maintenance and engineering staffs of its customers.

Everyone is busy. Everyone is asked to do more with less on a daily basis. That's why when we designed our Gear 101 course: An Introduction to Gearing Concepts and Elemental Gearbox Operation, we focused on delivering the basics in a clear, concise and highly relevant format.

The basic program takes only four hours to complete, yet offers a comprehensive overview of some of the most complex rotating equipment - and the operating principles behind it - that maintenance and engineering personnel depend on to keep their plants on-line.

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We make participation in Gear 101 as convenient as possible because we bring the program to your location. We work closely with you to schedule the event around outages, pre-determined training schedules and shift changes so that everyone who has an interest has ample opportunity to attend the seminar.


A typical Gear 101 session lasts about half a day, which our customers tell us is the preferred timeframe. Because there is far more material than can be covered in such a concise format, Philadelphia Gear has made the program customizable. Working with our technical team, you'll be able to select from a long list of topics that you want to see covered during the training.


Because we consider this a service to our customers and not a profit center, Philadelphia Gear makes the Gear 101 training available in the most cost-effective manner possible. To partially recover the cost of travel, time and materials, we charge only a flat fee of $3,239 for up to 10 people to attend the training. No adders, no hidden charges.

Gear 101 Training Seminars

The Gear 101 Course Curriculum

Gearing Fundamentals

  • Types of gears
  • Arrangement and geometry
  • Mesh operations
  • Heat treating techniques
  • Gear ratings and quality


  • Rolling element
  • Fixed, floating, ball, etc.
  • Hydrodynamic fluid film bearings
  • Bearing configurations
  • Operating characteristics

Gearbox Lubrication & Principles

  • Viscosity index and pour point
  • Types of lubrication systems
  • Thermal ratings
  • Key lubricant characteristics
  • Modes of lubrication failure

Gear Instrumentation

  • Temperature
  • Flow
  • Pressure
  • Vibration
  • Noise

Analytical Tools

  • Gear design and rating
  • Rotor dynamics
  • Bearing and shaft analysis
  • Unbalanced response program
  • Finite element analysis

Gearbox Testing

  • Spin testing
  • Partial load testing
  • Full load testing
  • Full torque testing
  • Post-test disassembly and inspection

Gear Element Failure Modes

  • Pitting failures
  • Overloading failures
  • Tooth fractures
  • Misalignment
  • Abrasive wear

Bearing Failure Modes

  • Overheating
  • Corrosion
  • Scoring
  • Slippage tracks
  • Contamination

Gearbox Selection Requirements

  • Prime movers
  • Driven equipment
  • Couplings
  • System arrangement
  • Operating conditions

Frequently Asked Questions About Gear 101

Who is the Gear 101 Course Intended For?

Because the content of Gear 101 is technical in nature, it is primarily recommended for the maintenance mechanics, supervisors and engineers who are tasked with keeping rotating equipment available and on-line. However, Philadelphia Gear designed the course such that it can serve as a good primer for someone who would like a general understanding of fundamental gearing issues. If fact, every Philadelphia Gear employee, regardless of their area of expertise, is required to take the Gear 101 course.

Who Performs the Actual Training?

The training is conducted by one of the engineers from Philadelphia Gear's central engineering department at company headquarters. If the group is particularly large or if the program is expanded by the customer, we will often add a field service technician or technical sales representative at no additional cost. In all cases, your location is guaranteed a gear expert capable of handling whatever questions and concerns your audience may encounter.

Can the Program Be Tailored to Meet my Needs?

Yes. When discussing the content of the program with your Philadelphia Gear sales representative you should be clear on what areas to emphasize, which to stay at a high level on and, in some cases, which to skip altogether. The point of the program is to make sure you get out of it exactly what you want to get out of it. No more, no less.

How Many People Can Attend A Session?

There is no specific cap on the number of people who can attend any particular session. We have performed the training for groups as small as three people, all the way up to groups in excess of 50 people.

Can The Program Be Conducted At my Location?

In fact, this is the way in which we prefer to conduct the training for three chief reasons. One, it keeps the groups to a more manageable size; two, the attendees all know each other and tend to speak more openly about challenges they face; and three, it can be difficult to get people to an off-site event in a down economy

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gear 101 Continued

If I Attend Off-Site Program Who Else Will be There?

We sometimes hold the Gear 101 training program in a general location, such as a hotel conference room, that is convenient to several facilities. In such cases, the attendees may be from a variety of industries. We realize that occasionally this may mean that competitors might be taking the course at the same time. If you are sensitive to this issue, your Philadelphia Gear sales representative will help you plan a contingency that will ensure the utmost level of comfort for you and your organization.

What Kind of Materials are Left Behind for my Reference?

Regardless of what topics you choose to include in your customized seminar, each attendee receives a complete Gear 101 textbook for future reference.

What is the Cost of the Gear 101 Program?

Gear 101 is not a profit center for Philadelphia Gear and is intended to be a value-added service that we can provide to our customers. In that spirit, we price the course only to partially recover some of our costs. Therefore, up to 10 people may attend the course for the flat fee of only $3,239. Each additional person is charged the nominal fee of $250. There are no hidden charges for our travel expenses or for course materials that are given to the attendees.

How Do I Sign Up for a Gear 101 Seminar?

Easy. Simply call the nearest Philadelphia Gear Regional Service Center and our field representatives will take it from there.

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