GearLogicSM Long-term Preservation System

Uncontrolled humidity can ruin a gear set within days, sometimes hours. Gear tooth surfaces and the rollers and races in rolling element bearings can experience rust corrosion almost immediately if not protected by an oil film or a suitable preservative. Philadelphia Gear’s preservation system offers its customers a solution to the ongoing problem of protecting and maintaining gearboxes while in storage. Enclosed drives that have GearLogicSM protection will enable customers to warehouse them safely before putting them back into service.

Unlike preservatives that harden or get tacky during their application, the GearLogicSM process uses a specially formulated product that maintains a thin, non-hardening preservative barrier between any moisture that may enter your gearbox and your critical gearing elements. So this means that when the time comes to return your equipment to service, the tedious task of flushing your drive of preservatives is a thing of the past.* Simply replace the hygroscopic breather element and Plexiglas inspection cover and fill the unit with the proper amount and type of lubricant and “flip the switch.”

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*Applies to mineral oil only. Applications using synthetic oil will need to be flushed prior to filling.

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Frequently Asked Questions About GearLogicSM

IS GearLogicSM for only Philadelphia Gear Brand Gearboxes?

No. In fact, any brand gearbox that is currently being stored at your facility is probably a candidate for GearLogicSM.

Will GearLogicSM Work With Synthetic Oils?

Yes, but the gearbox will have to be flushed before being filled with synthetic oil. Mineral oils, on the other hand, do not require flushing before filling. The GearLogicSM preservative will simply dissolve in the mineral oil after filling.

Can the GearLogicSM Treatment be Applied at my Location or While a Gearbox is in Service?

Unfortunately, because of the specialized equipment necessary to perform the GearLogicSM process, gearboxes must be shipped back to the nearest Philadelphia Gear Regional Service Center for treatment.

Does the Application of the GearLogicSM Process Require an In-Shop Overhaul?

No. Gearboxes can be sent directly from your site to Philadelphia Gear for GearLogicSM treatment.

GearLogic Long-term Preservation System
GearLogic Long-term Preservation System

What Size Gearboxes are Eligible to be Treated with GearLogicSM?

Virtually any size gearbox is a candidate for the GearLogicSM long-term preservation warranty.

Do I Have to Rotate Shafts and Do Other PM Work to Gearboxes in Storage After They've Been Preserved with GearLogicSM?

No. GearLogicSM was designed to be as user friendly as possible and requires no shaft rotation. The only “maintenance” necessary is to periodically check the desiccant bags, and hygroscopic breather to see if they need replacement.

How Much Does A GearLogicSM Treatment Cost?

GearLogicSM is intended to be a value-added service that can provide our customers with increased peace of mind for a relatively minimal cost.

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