Design Engineering

With 125 years of expertise in power transmission equipment and gearing manufacturing, Philadelphia Gear's world-class design engineering group has earned a reputation for providing unique, innovative solutions to the most difficult power transmission problems. Each Philadelphia Gear regional service and manufacturing facility across the U.S. has on-site design engineering personnel, with direct access (via the internet) to Philadelphia Gear's Engineering and Technical Center and its vast library of drawings, engineering standards, manufacturing process standards and other intellectual property. This is true of all Timken Power Systems sites, which amounts to the most comprehensive suite of products and services offered to industry today.

Philadelphia Gear

Computer Aided Design (CAD) capabilities streamline our design process, and advanced analytical tools allow Philadelphia Gear's engineering staff to thoroughly evaluate each component before manufacturing. Finite element analysis is one of the analytical tools that enable us to predict what will happen to gears subjected to extreme speeds and high loads. Using these tools, we can then modify tooth profiles, adjust helix angles, and optimize the total gear design. Sophisticated rotor dynamics and fluid film bearing analyses allow our engineers to design smooth running, long lasting, state-of-the-art power transmission equipment. Shafts, housing, bearings and other elements are also computer analyzed for compatibility with the geared rotating elements.

Philadelphia Gear utilizes highly customized AutoCAD software to suit the sophisticated engineering environment and to take full advantage of its parametric design capabilities. AutoCAD also provides us with the most widely utilized CAD software in the world, enabling direct electronic communication of drawings and data with our customers and vendors.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) capabilities streamline our design process.
Analytical Capabilities

Analytical Capabilities

  • Element and Fluid Film Bearing Analysis
  • Gear Tooth Design: AGMA, DIN and All Other Major Classification Societies
  • Finite Element Structural Analysis
  • Hydroviscous Clutch Power Transmission and Thermal Analyses
  • Rotor Dynamics Analysis
  • Shaft Elastic Deflection, Stress and Fatigue Analysis
  • Cumulative Fatigue (Miner's Rule) Analysis
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