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For a replacement part quote for Philadelphia Gear brand Original Equipment Parts please enter the model number in the box below to see a baloon drawing of your gearbox. If a drawing does not appear, or if you are interested in other proprietary Philadelphia Gear brands, which include Western Gear and WesTech Gear please click here to fill out an online quote request.

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Model blueprint
Model Notes:
Unless Otherwise Specified, Dimensions Are In Inches Remove All Burrs & Sharp Corners. Turn Fillets .020 Under Finish Grind Dimensions. Polish Fillets.

Part # Name # Req‑d  
1 Blind Cap, L.S.
2 Thru Cap, L.S.
3 Thru Cap, H.S.
4 Cartridge, H.S.
5 Housing
6 Shaft, L.S.
7 Gear, L.S.
8 Spacer, L.S.
9 Pin. & Shaft, 1st I.S.
10 Spacer, 1st I.S.
11 Spir. Bevel Gear
12 Spir. Bevel Pinion & Shaft
13 Retaining Ring
14 Split Ring
15 Gasket, 1st I.S.
16 Gasket, L.S.
17 Gasket, H.S.
18 Inspection Cover*
19 Gasket, Insp. Cover*
20 Blind Cap, 1st I.S.
21 Thru Cap, 1st I.S.
22 Backstop Adapter Plate (Optional)
23 Backstop Retainer Plate (Optional)
24 Backstop (Optional)
25 Breather*
26 Key (Sq. Ends)
27 Key (Sq. Ends)
29 Key (Sq. Ends)
30 Bearing Cone, L.S.
31 Bearing Cup, L.S.
32 Bearing Cone, 1st I.S.
33 Bearing Cup, 1st I.S.
34 Bearing Cone, H.S.
35 Bearing Cup, H.S.
36 Oil Seal, L.S.
37 Oil Seal, H.S.
38 Oil Seal, 1st I.S.
39 Shim Set
40 Shim Set
41 Shim Set
42 Locknut
45 Gear, 1st Int.
46 Gear, 2nd Int.
47 Pinion & Shaft, 2nd I.S.
48 Pinion & Shaft, 3rd I.S.
49 Blind Cap, 2nd I.S.
50 Blind Cap, 3rd I.S.
51 Key, (Sq. Ends)
52 Key, (Round Ends)
53 Bearing Cone, 2nd I.S.
54 Bearing Cup, 2nd I.S.
55 Bearing Cone, 3rd I.S.
56 Bearing Cup, 3rd I.S.
57 Gasket, 2nd I.S.
58 Gasket, 3rd I.S.
59 Shim Set
60 Shim Set
61 Spacer, 2nd I.S.

Parts Notes:
*Not Shown

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Depending on the size and specifications of your machinery, gearbox repairs can vary considerably. While some need replacement bearings, others may require a complete overhaul of the lubrication system. At Philadelphia Gear, we have experience in comprehensive and effective gearbox repair dating back to 1892 and we know what it takes to save you time and money over a new replacement. Not to mention our RapidGear® Emergency Repair Service provides a value add for customers that cannot afford equipment breakdowns or operation downtime. For a complete list of our products and services, contact Philadelphia Gear directly at 1-800-766-5120.

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