Onsite Technical Services and Capabilities

OTS, or Onsite Technical Services, is one of Philadelphia Gear’s aftermarket services, with great advantages for our current and future clients. OTS allows businesses to run smoothly while Philadelphia Gear attends to quality control and repair issues. On-site gearbox overhauling, diagnostic services, failure analysis, vibration analysis, as well as laser, optical and reverse alignment services provide a comprehensive solution to gearbox issues, with precise repairs in an emergency, or as part of an ongoing predictive maintenance program.

To serve the needs of mission critical equipment, a set of advanced tools allow technicians to evaluate the performance of machinery with extreme accuracy, enabling inspectors to determine when a component assembly will break down. For example, any rotating elements in an assembly can be inspected with vibration analysis tools to see if components are out of alignment, causing undue vibration.

Other diagnostic services include failure analysis tools, both traditional, such as oil sampling, which discovers metal shavings caused by grinding and excessive wear and tear, and advanced, with laser, optical and reverse alignment tools to evaluate alignment in an existing assembly or to ensure perfect alignment after repairs and reinstallation. On-site gearbox overhauling allows for the same level of precision for large machinery that is too costly or difficult to remove as for gearboxes that are serviced in our machine shop.

Philadelphia Gear

Discuss your needs for on-site gearbox overhauling with a representative in your area. By adding onsite technical services and capabilities to our list of services, Philadelphia Gear is prepared to offer a comprehensive, one-stop shop solution to your equipment service challenges, including the full array of on-site gearbox overhauling, diagnostic services, failure analysis, vibration analysis, laser, optical and reverse alignment. Whatever the size and scope of your operations and associated equipment, Philadelphia Gear will ensure optimized performance and maximum uptime far into the future. Contact us today.

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