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Philadelphia Gear® brand enclosed drives are the product of over 125 years of innovative design engineering and manufacturing excellence. Our brands, which include WesTech, Western Gear, DeLaval Steam Turbine, Standard Machine, and Hamilton Gear have set the standard for endurance, quality, and customer satisfaction for more than a century.

However, all gear drives reach a point where they need to be replaced or upgraded due to changes in manufacturing needs, process improvements or technological advances. Our mission is to ensure that our customers always have state-of-the-art gear drive technology at their disposal to help prevent unplanned downtime.

Our gearbox configurations are as flexible and comprehensive as your application, and are designed to offer a wide array of size and footprint variations. We can create any possible gear arrangement necessary to satisfy customer requirements: from parallel shaft, to right angle, to double helical, to planetary/epicyclic, to bevel helical, and so on. There is virtually no gear related problem you’ll run into that we haven’t seen – and solved – before.

Now as part of Timken Power Systems, Philadelphia Gear and its family of brands have never been in a better position to serve demanding industrial markets throughout an increasingly competitive world.

Local Service. National Support. Global Expertise.
Philadelphia Gear

World-Class Design Means World-Class Performance

Philadelphia Gear and Timken Power Systems’ products are designed to help our customers reduce and eliminate unplanned downtime. Believing that being close to our customers is critical to understanding their applications more thoroughly, we have strategically located our Regional Service and Manufacturing Centers so that they are close to the industries they serve.

Each regional facility has its own engineering and manufacturing capabilities, but is also backed by the central engineering and technical center located in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Additionally, and unique in the gear industry, each location has immediate Internet access to a vast digital library of intellectual property.

With over 4-million pages of drawings, bills of materials and other engineering documents available 24/7, each plant is able to instantaneously access more than a 125 years’ worth of technical information. This applies to the entire Timken Power Systems family of gear brands including not only Philadelphia Gear, but Western Gear, WesTech Gear, DeLaval Steam Turbine, Hamilton Gear, and much of the GE marine gear product line as well.

Equipment Investment Delivers Reliability to End-Users

We understand the pressure our customers are under to do more with less, and that it has never been more important to make sure their equipment is available to run at optimal levels. By continually investing in the latest manufacturing, checking and testing equipment, the Philadelphia Gear network of manufacturing centers, representing nearly 1,000,000 square feet of space, makes us one of the most well-equipped suppliers of enclosed gear drives in the world.

Equipment Investment Delivers Reliability to End-Users

Plant Infrastructure

  • 70-ton lifting capacity
  • Certified welders and non-destructive testing
  • EPA approved painting and cleaning facilities with waste water recovery system
  • Plant flows maximized to increase production efficiency and throughput
  • Ergonomically designed work cells
  • Bearing induction heaters to 10”
  • Gear cable induction heating system to any size
  • All sites independently ISO certified

Gearbox and Component Test Capabilities

  • Magnetic Particle Inspections (MPI) after case hardening and grinding
  • Laser alignment on all test stands
  • Faro arms for housing and component inspections
  • Various test stands capable of achieving full load simulations to 60,000 HP
  • Compliant with API testing standards as required
  • 2500 HP cooling towers

General Machining Capabilities

  • Horizontal boring mill tables up to 98” L x 48” W
  • Vertical turning lathes to 42” D
  • 300-ton press
  • Key seating to 1.5” W x 15” L
  • Shaft turning to 40” D x 16’ L
  • I.D. grinding to 22” D
  • O.D. grinding to 40” D x 100” L
  • Turning shafts to 56” D x 120” L
  • Jig mill capabilities for housings and components
  • Surface grinding to 42” D
  • 8’ arm drill press

Gear Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Form grinding up to 4 meters
  • Gear checking to 4 meters
  • Horizontal and vertical 5-axis machining centers
  • AGMA quality ratings of 8-15, depending on the application
  • CNC gear hobbing to 1.8 meters
  • Gear shaving to 90”
  • Multiple roll stands to check gear contacts up to 100” center distances, and to simulate housing parallelism
  • Gear balancing to 30,000 lbs.
  • Gear shaping to 36”
  • Isolated assembly areas
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