MARK 8 Synchrotorque® Control System

Over 50 Years of Innovation

The Mark Series digital controllers were developed to precisely control Synchrotorque® brand variable speed and soft-start hydroviscous drives. To maintain a desired clutch output condition, whether it be speed, torque (load), flow or pressure, the controller works as a closed loop feedback device utilizing the clutch output shaft controlled parameter as feedback. The input command signal is automatically and continuously compared to the output shaft controlled parameter, an error signal is generated, and the clutch clamping pressure is continually adjusted electro-hydraulically to maintain input command signal.

Philadelphia Gear released its first Mark Series controller, the Mark I, in 1969. Our engineers have worked continuously to improve the technology, and have leveraged our half-century of experience to develop the most technologically advanced version with their newest release of the Mark 8 Controller.

Below is a side-by-side, features and benefits comparison of its predecessor, the Mark VII, and the newly released Mark 8 Controller:

Philadelphia Gear

Features and Benefits

Mark VII controller

*Mark 8 Controller

Simplified modular construction
I/O modules on one common bus for easier upgrades and connections  
I/O modules connected with single CAN network cable to the HMI controller  
Same size NEMA 4 enclosure to fit in existing footprint
Alarm log tracks up to 100 notifications, including date and time stamping  
Controller maintenance troubleshooting kit for on-site repair (available for purchase)
Improved, user-friendly parameter menu screen for easy programming  
Upgraded, easy-to-read color HMI touch screen display  
USB flash drive or Ethernet inputs for quick updates  
Single password access to assigned parameters  
Built-in trending screen replaces laptop interface for fine tuning the controller  

*The Mark 8 Controller replaces the Mark VII and all previous versions. Hardware and software support is no longer available for previous models of the Mark Series controllers.

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