Low-Speed Pump Drives

There is not a low speed industrial gearbox application for which Philadelphia Gear has not designed and manufactured a solution. Throughout its storied history the company has made some of the highest torque gear drives ever conceived. From its revolutionary design work on vertical roller mill pulverizer gearboxes, to double reduction cooling tower drives used in harsh or corrosive environments, to load sharing conveyor drives, if you have the need, we have the answer.

No one understands the critical nature of this equipment better than Philadelphia Gear. That’s why our extraordinary record of operating for millions of hours, combined with low maintenance costs and high availability rates, is second to none.

From the outset, Philadelphia Gear worked as the Original Equipment Manufacturer designer of record for many of the finest OEMs in the world including: ABB, B&W, Combustion Engineering, Cooper, Dresser, Elliott, Foster Wheeler, GE, Praxair, Rolls-Royce, Solar, as well as many government agencies including the Army Corps of Engineers, NASA, and the US Navy and Coast Guard, among many others.

No Time for Downtime

A recent survey of industrial plant maintenance managers revealed that 85% identified gear drives as being “very critical” to their operations. It is precisely that criticality that we understand best. Philadelphia Gear is a team of highly focused specialists, dedicated to helping the endusers of gear drives get the most out of their mission critical equipment.

The five key promises we make to the end-user community:

  • Purpose design gearboxes to get the job done right
  • Minimize production time through lean manufacturing
  • Maximize life cycle value with products that last
  • Support customer with field service experts available 24/7
  • Stay close to the customer through a robust network of sites
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Philadelphia Gear
Low Speed Drives

Before We Ship

It’s one thing to describe your scope of work to a customer. It’s something else to provide ISO documentation of the procedures and back it with a 5-year warranty. Every housing and every element that is going to be put into a Philadelphia brand gearbox undergoes a thorough inspection, measurement and checking process, and it is all documented through an exhaustive paper trail.

To deliver world-class products that deliver world-class performance you have to start at the very beginning; you have to start with the material you use to create the gearbox in the first place.

There is a variety of Philadelphia Gear material specifications that vary by application and industry. But regardless of their end-use, all materials are certified to our current standard, vacuum degassed, and ultrasonically tested to ensure material quality. Additionally, in order to assure uniform properties, special attention is given to all materials that have undergone heat treating and forming processes during manufacturing. Finally, cleanliness and mechanical testing requirements are carefully chosen and implemented based on each customer’s application.

Before We Ship

  • High quality, heavy-duty gearbox housings
  • Heat-treated alloy steel shaft surfaces, precision ground to mate with gears, bearings and seal journals
  • Horizontally or vertically offset parallel shaft configurations
  • Single, double, triple, quadruple or quintuple reductions
  • Bevel, bevel-helical or bevel-planetary arrangements
  • Single helical, double helical, worm and herringbone gearing arrangements depending on application needs
  • Chain driven turning gear systems when necessary
  • Splash or force-fed lubrication systems, motor driven oil pumps, immersion heaters or oil coolers
  • Other special features may include double extended shafts, built-in power take-offs and/or multiple bevel inputs to accommodate auxiliary machines, special exterior paints, anti-corrosive hardware, etc.
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