Water Management

Philadelphia Gear has supplied drives for water management applications for over half a century, particularly in areas of the deep Southern United States, where the landscape is vulnerable to drainage problems. Power transmission equipment is typically used to drive horizontal or vertical pumps for the transportation, storage, or conditioning of treated or untreated water. Driver base speeds are not generally compatible for the direct driving of these pumps, especially in trying to obtain optimal performance levels. Philadelphia Gear speed reducing or increasing gears allow the pump to be designed for the most efficient operating conditions.

Shaft orientations may require the interface of horizontal drivers with vertical pumps or vice versa. Variable speed can be desirable if the viscosity or flow rates are subject to change. With extensive design experience with helical or spiral bevel gearing in horizontal and vertical configurations, Philadelphia Gear manufactures, refurbishes, and upgrades standard and custom engineered drives to suit any ratio or configuration. When required, hydroviscous variable speed drives can be integrated into the same assembly. Philadelphia Gear's design practices have resulted in proven reliability in some of the harshest applications in the water management industry. 

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Operating and Maintenence Procedures for Returning Submerged Gear Drives to Temporary Service

The Summer and Fall hurricane seasons can put an enormous strain on emergency equipment and systems that work to help prevent widespread flooding and damage to affected communities. Maintaining this equipment before the peak storm season and knowing what to do after a storm hits is equally as important. If in the event a gearbox becomes submerged in water, a unique set of procedures should be considered to help determine if the equipment can be brought back to service and if so, what to do to restore it to safe operating condition.

Click here to read about our step-by-step emergency procedures on how to return a submerged gearbox to use until a full rebuild can be scheduled.  

Philadelphia Gear

Philadelphia Gear provides gearing and service for the following companies and/or municipalities:

Boston Dept. of Conservation (www.mass.gov/dcr) 
Fairbanks Morse Pump (www.fairbanksmorsepump.com) 
Flowserve (www.flowserve.com) 
ITT Flygt (www.flygt.com) 
L.A. County Sanitation (www.lacsd.org) 
Las Vegas Valley Water (www.lvvwd.com) 
Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans (www.swbnola.org) 
Passaic Valley Water (www.pvwc.com) 
Patterson Pump (www.pattersonpumps.com) 
South Florida Water Management (www.sfwmd.gov) 
Army Corps of Engineers (http://www.usace.army.mil) 
MWI Pumps (http://www.mwicorp.com) 
Water Management Applications

Pitting, overload, misalignment, fatigue, soft foot; all are reasons why your gearbox could fail when you need your power transmission equipment the most. To minimize downtime, rely on the engineering experts at Philadelphia Gear. We provide a complementary on-site gearbox repair service to our customers, and for gearboxes that cannot be repaired at our customer’s location, our regional service facilities are conveniently located throughout the United States in Delaware, Texas, Illinois, Alabama, and California. Our national and global expansion is designed to meet the critical gearbox repair needs of our clients. Whether on-site or at one of our regional service and manufacturing facilities, Philadelphia Gear specializes in gearbox repair and the manufacture of new, upgraded gearboxes, no matter the original equipment manufacturer. Contact us at 1-800-766-5120 to see how we can be of service to you and your organization.

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