Processing sugar is seasonal work, requiring high output mill drives to run at high loads once the cane has been harvested. Philadelphia Gear technical experts are available to make sure these drives are running at maximum capacity when the busy processing season comes around. And if there should be a gearing problem during processing, Philadelphia Gear engineers work with plant staff in a timely fashion to determine the best and fastest way to solve the problem - whether it be a repair, upgrade, or drive replacement.

Gearboxes ranging from 400 to 1800 HP are used to power the machinery that grinds raw sugar cane. With a remarkable record of successful rebuilds and replacements of these products, Philadelphia Gear is recognized globally as the leading expert in power transmission equipment for the sugar industry. Since the sugar cane harvesting and processing season only lasts a few months, operators can use the other half for maintenance and refurbishing. Philadelphia Gear's regional service and manufacturing facilities make shipping of these huge pieces of equipment easier and faster for the operator.

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If the power transmission equipment in your plant has a leakage problem or if it fails to operate altogether, contact Philadelphia Gear to have your project reviewed by one of our engineering experts. We’ll provide a thorough inspection, and provide you with a detailed report noting our findings, recommendations, and firm gearbox repair costs. If approved, we’ll repair your gearbox in accordance to and, in most cases, beyond the specifications of the original equipment manufacturer. As a complementary service to our customers, we offer on-site rapid turnaround gearbox repair. In the field or at one of our regional service facilities, Philadelphia Gear provides the engineering solutions and comprehensive gearbox repair services your plant can rely on to run at the highest level of efficiency and productivity.

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