Power Generation

Philadelphia Gear power transmission equipment has historically served the power generation markets in all phases of the process, from raw material extraction and processing to electrical power production.

Whether the generation facility is a large, vertically integrated coal, gas-fired, or nuclear facility - or a smaller wind or low-head hydroelectric installation, Philadelphia Gear equipment supports all aspects of the diverse power generation process. This equipment ranges from coal handling and crushing in both mines and coal-fired plants; to boiler feed, condensate feed and cooling water pump drives; to induced draft, forced draft and air-preheater fan drives; to natural gas pipeline pumping; to gas turbine electrical power-generation, accessory pump and starter drives; to wind and hydro turbine drives and synchronous condenser and cooling tower drives.

Whether the application is a pulverizer drive used in a coal-fired power plant, an accessory drive for a GE turbine package, or anything in between, Philadelphia Gear drives are designed to meet the unique demands of the power generation industry. And, no matter what the application, Philadelphia Gear stands behind the products we design and manufacture for the power generation industry. What's more, we can overall any brand of enclosed drive and give you Philadelphia Gear's best in industry service and repair warranty.

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Philadelphia Gear

Philadelphia Gear provides gearing and service for the following companies:

ABB/C.E. (www.abb.com) 
Alabama Power (www.alabamapower.com) 
Associated Electric Coop. (www.aeci.org) 
Babcock & Wilcox (www.babcock.com) 
Commonwealth Edison (www.ceco.com/comed/main.asp) 
Florida Power & Light (www.fpl.com) 
Foster Wheeler Energy (www.fwc.com) 
General Electric (www.geindustrial.com/pm/) 
Georgia Power (www.georgiapower.com) 
Houston Lighting & Power (www.hlp.com) 
Kentucky Utilities (www.kuenergy.com) 
Louisville Gas & Electric (www.lgeenergy.com) 
Midwest Generation (www.edison.com) 
Nevada Power (www.nevadapower.com) 

Ontario Hydroelectric (www.ontariohydroenergy.com) 
PDVSA (www.pdvsa.com)
Portland General Electric (www.portlandgeneral.com) 
Pratt & Whitney Canada (www.pwc.ca) 
Raytheon (www.raytheon.com) 
Rolls-Royce (www.rolls-royce.com) 
Santee Cooper (www.santeecooper.com) 
Siemens-Westinghouse (www.siemenswestinghouse.com) 
Solar Turbines (esolar.cat.com) 
Southern Energy Inc. (www.southernco.com) 
TVA (www.tva.com) 
Virginia Power (www.vapower.com) 
Voith Hydro (www.voithhydro.com) 
West Texas Utilities (www.csw.com) 

At Philadelphia Gear, getting failed power transmission equipment back into service is just as important as discovering why the equipment failed in the first place to prevent recurrence. Some gearbox failures are more easily identifiable than others. Philadelphia Gear analyses both the simple causes and the more complex underlying factors as to why a gearbox failed. Through a combination of gearbox field maintenance and local repair services, Philadelphia Gear will help ensure the performance and longevity of your critical equipment. In addition, Philadelphia Gear holds ‘Gear 101’ training seminars for our customer’s maintenance and engineering personnel who are directly involved in the operation, monitoring, and maintenance of their facility’s gear drives. When we know why your gearbox failed, we can help you prevent failures from happening in the future. Contact us at 1-800-766-5120 to learn more.

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