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Founded in 1892 and serving the U.S. Military Infrastructure since 1916, Philadelphia Gear has grown to be a world leader in the design and manufacture of gearing and enclosed drives almost since its inception.

By the mid-1920s Philadelphia Gear brand equipment was a critical component of 50-ton deck winches, and during World War II the company designed and manufactured the fourteen foot ring gears necessary to ensure the precise, smooth rotation of gun turrets on many U.S. battleships. From these humble beginnings, the company has emerged as the nation’s leading supplier of main reduction gears (MRGs) in non-CVN MRG frontline combatant vessels for the Navy, and has designed solutions for some of the toughest challenges faced by the Coast Guard. A full list of marine gear applications appears below.

Philadelphia Gear

In 1996 Philadelphia Gear acquired all of the intellectual property of Western Gear and WesTech Gear, and in 2008 acquired the intellectual property of GE Marine Gearing (excepting nuclear MRGs), which included certain DeLaval legacy main reduction gears.

Now, in its second century of operation, and as part of The Timken Company, Philadelphia Gear is the exclusive OEM source for critical gearing applications on more than 90% of the Navy’s fleet, which includes main propulsion reduction drives, elevator drives, and ship service turbogenerator drives, among others.

Gearing Related Applications:

  • Main Reduction Gears (MRGs)
  • Attached Lube Oil Pump Systems (ALOPS)
  • Elevator Drives
  • Stanchion Drives
  • Tow Array Winch Drives
  • Ship Service Turbine Generator Drives (Gas, Steam and Diesel)
  • Hydraulic (Wet) Clutches
  • Hybrid Electric Take-Off Drives
  • Turning Gear Drives
  • Propulsion Shafting and Couplings
  • High Volume Marine (Jet) Pumps and Drives
  • Bow Thruster Drives
  • Compressor Gear Drives
Decades of Service, Decades of Reliability
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