High-Speed Pump and Compressor Drives

High-speed pump and compressor drives have a wide base of applications. Ranging from power plant boiler, condensate and feedwater pump drives, to pump and compressor drives used to transport liquid and gas products through pipelines, to the API specified equipment used in refineries the world over, Philadelphia Gear’s experience in the design and manufacture of these units is unsurpassed.

Primary features of the line of high-speed pump and compressor drives include:

  • Single and double stage designs
  • Units engineered up to 80,000 HP
  • Speeds in excess of 30,000 RPM
  • Pitch line velocities in excess of 40,000 feet per minute
  • Precision gearing (AGMA quality 12 minimum)
  • Single and double helical tooth geometry configurations
  • Ratios up to 30:1
  • Fluid film bearings
  • Wet and dry sump designs
  • With or without integral lubrication and cooling systems

When desirable, our products can use Synchrotorque® Technology to provide soft-starting and variable speed capabilities for high-speed pump and compressor drive applications.

Philadelphia Gear
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