Gearbox Repair for Crude Oil Refining

In refineries, gear drives are critical components of the mechanical systems used to convert crude oil into by-products like gasoline and diesel fuel. The cost of one day’s lost production due to a gearbox malfunction can far exceed the initial cost of the unit. That’s why national and international refineries rely on Philadelphia Gear’s expert gearbox repair services to reduce or eliminate unplanned downtime and increase production capacity. Philadelphia Gear manufactures and repairs the following enclosed drives for a variety of oil refining applications:

Low-speed and High-speed Pump Drives – Used to transfer products, circulate cooling, or heat fluids, low- and high-speed pump drives support a number of important functions in refineries. The sometimes harsh conditions in the refinery industry can result in gearbox repair needs ranging from the simple to the sophisticated. Philadelphia Gear manufactures, refurbishes, upgrades, and repairs low- and high-speed pump drives to suit any ratio or configuration.

Compressor Drives – When transporting liquid and gas product through pipelines, compressor drives not only need to operate at peak performance, but oftentimes they need to comply with API specifications for rigid conduit, explosion proof junction boxes, and vibration and temperature probes. Philadelphia Gear’s experience in the design, manufacture, and repair of these gearboxes is unmatched in the industry.

Single and Double Reduction Cooling Tower Drives – The primary function of single and double reduction cooling tower drives is to transmit power from an electric motor to a cooling fan that blows air across the cooling medium that’s been heated during the production process. While single reduction units are used in splash lubrication systems, double reduction units are used in splash and pressure lubrication systems. Philadelphia Gear manufacturers and repairs single reduction cooling tower drives with speeds up to 582 horsepower and double reduction cooling tower drives with speeds up to 940 horsepower.

Philadelphia Gear

Other refining applications include:

  • Accessory Drives
  • Generator Drives (Load-boxes)

As markets and regulators demand cleaner fuels and refineries make a shift in reserve types, it becomes increasingly important for plants to optimize their performance to stay competitive. Investing in conversions, upgrades, and repairs from Philadelphia Gear will help to considerably improve your refinery’s economics. We’ve been servicing and repairing equipment for refineries throughout the world for decades and have proven results in product improvements that enhance equipment performance and improve the reliability and availability of critical process machines. Our ultimate goal is to make our clients more competitive in their businesses by providing reliable and gearbox repair services and innovative mission-critical equipment solutions.

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