Gearbox Repair for the
Power Generation Industry

Even the finest engineered enclosed drives reach a point where they need to be repaired whether due to changes in manufacturing needs and process improvements or wear and tear from long-term use in demanding applications. Philadelphia Gear’s mission is twofold: ensure that our customers always have state-of-the-art gear drive technology; and prevent unplanned downtime through regular gearbox maintenance and repair.

At Philadelphia Gear, we deliver creative engineering solutions for the power generation industry that increase production capacity, provide fast and precise control under all conditions, and offer soft-starting for a longer lifetime of electrical and mechanical equipment through Synchrotorque® technology. Philadelphia Gear manufactures and repairs the following enclosed drives for diverse power generation applications:

Conveyor Drives – From small motor-driven units providing across-the-line belt starting to very large soft-start reducers incorporated into multiple drive conveyor systems, Philadelphia Gear manufactures and repairs the full range of conveyor drive reducers for overland coal transportation, underground coal mine feeders, coal handling, and power plant coal feeders.

Ball Mill Drive Systems – Philadelphia Gear designs, manufacturers, and repairs these motor-driven coal crushing drive systems with speeds and sizes exceeding twelve-hundred horsepower and twenty-eight foot diameter ball mills for heavy industrial applications.

Roller Mill Drives (Crushers/Pulverizers) – Realize successful field operation, crushing coal, limestone, hard rock ores, and other materials into reduced particle size for processing by relying on roller mill drive gearbox repair services from Philadelphia Gear – the manufacturers of one of the most successful lines of dynamic pulverizer gear drives ever developed.

Philadelphia Gear

Classified Drives – If your dynamic coal pulverizer includes a classifier section, Philadelphia Gear’s gearbox repair services can help you maximize this technology to control the fineness of coal so that it burns to perfection in the boiler.

Other power generation applications include:

  • Atomizer Drives (Flue Gas DeSulferizers)
  • Air Preheater Drives
  • Fan Drives
  • Low-speed Pump Drives
  • High-speed Pump and Compressor Drives
  • Single Reduction Cooling Tower Drives
  • Double Reduction Cooling Tower Drives
  • Accessory Drives
  • Generator Drives (Load-boxes)

Coal-fired power plants throughout the United States and across the globe rely on the expert and efficient gearbox repair services of Philadelphia Gear to keep their field operations running as successfully as possible. We meet the demand in the industry by providing customers with 24/7/365 emergency on-site gearbox repair services, and for repairs that simply cannot be resolved at our customers’ locations, we have regional service facilities strategically positioned in North America and abroad. Find out how Philadelphia Gear can be of service to you by contacting us at 1-800-766-5120.

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