Gearbox Repair for the Pipeline Applications

In the past few years, there has been a significant increase in bulk liquid and gas fuel pipeline testing and inspection to comply with growing regulatory requirements. As operating companies spend money to comply, fewer funds are available for reliability-based maintenance. However, threat prevention, regular monitoring, and routine maintenance, as well as regular gearbox repair and rehabilitation are all required for a pipeline company’s economic viability. Enhanced gearbox repair methods from Philadelphia Gear are an essential component of effective asset-management plans. Philadelphia Gear manufacturers and repairs the following gearbox drives for a wide range of pipeline applications:

Low-speed and High-speed Pump Drives – Pipelines are used to transport an assortment of liquids including crude oils, fuel oils, and refined products such as gasoline, water, and specialty chemicals. Low- and high-speed pump drives support hydraulic system set-ups and application needs. At Philadelphia Gear, we repair these drives regardless of gear ratios on outputs and increasing/reducing configurations.

Compressor Drives – In the gas and oil industry, compressor drives are used to transport liquid and gas through pipelines. At Philadelphia Gear, Synchrotorque® Technology is used in compressor drives to provide soft-starting and variable speed operational capabilities.

Single Reduction Cooling Tower Drives – Many large cooling towers consist of complex systems of multiple motors, a gearbox, and cooling fan assemblies. When one is in need of repair, it can be quite complicated to fix. For the team at Philadelphia Gear, we don’t opt for any quick fix solution. Our goal is to comply with environmental and operational challenges while satisfying the customer with a reliable, long-term solution.

Philadelphia Gear

Emergency Repair Service

If you’re in need of an emergency repair service, Philadelphia Gear can help with service centers nationwide. Whether you’re on an offshore oil platform or in a city power plant, we meet the demand in the industry by providing customers with 24/7/365 emergency on-site gearbox repair services. For repairs that are unable be resolved on-location, we have regional service facilities strategically positioned in North America and abroad to take it off-site and make it right. Find out how Philadelphia Gear can be of service to you by contacting us at 1-800-766-5120.

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