Accept Nothing Less than the Highest-Quality Gearbox Transmissions and Enclosed Drives from PG

At Philadelphia Gear (PG), we’ve spent more than a century building and maintaining gear systems, from the dependable gearing for the booming coal and steel industries of the late 19th century to the technologically-advanced high speed gearboxes of today. As experts in the field of gearbox repair, we perform overhauls that can help keep your powertrains operating smoothly, or provide you with a quick recovery when you face gearbox problems. The gearbox overhaul process includes many steps, and begins with a full disassembly and cleaning by the skilled technicians at PG.

For operations that depend on reliable gear functioning, companies choose PG because of our expertise and craftsmanship in manufacturing and maintaining enclosed drives, parallel shafts, bevel gear drives, crusher drives, and variable speed drives.

With sites in five strategic locations across the country, PG is poised to provide the best service to any outfit, whether it is a water management company in South Florida or a power generation facility in Nevada.

PG is capable of providing a lineup of essential services including gearbox refurbishment and restoration, performance enhancement, engine and power transmission restoration, and gear manufacturing. Browse our website to see the ways in which we can maintain the integrity of your gearboxes and their components.

Philadelphia Gear

PG is keenly aware of the difficulties that result from gearbox malfunction or poor performance. That’s why we recommend that you address gearbox problems before they start, using PG services like gearbox overhauls, upgrades, and a full suite of diagnostic services including oil and vibration analysis. All across the world, major corporations rely on PG to ensure that their operations run exceptionally and reliably. A bearing disassembly and gearbox flush performed by PG, for example, might ensure the continued functioning of a rolling mill drive at a steel plant in the Middle East, or the consistent operation of a hydroviscous drive near the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. Whether you need a gearbox overhaul or a newly manufactured enclosed drive, PG can provide you with the services to maintain the integrity of your gearboxes and keep your equipment operating at optimal levels.

An Automatic Transmission Gearbox Overhaul by PG will Power Your Enterprise for Years to Come

Philadelphia Gear is unique for its ability to provide local service, national support, and global expertise. Our staff of experts can diagnose your problem quickly and return your gearbox to peak performance, or manufacture the specialized equipment that you require for the successful operation of your enterprise. PG began its innovative approach to gears over one hundred years ago, and the experience we’ve gained and the advancements that we’ve pioneered put is in the position to provide gearbox manufacturing and maintenance of unparalleled quality. Our client list features some of the most significant names in the fields of petrochemicals, water management, and power generation. These companies depend on PG because they understand that we excel in all aspects of gearbox repair. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Turn to PG today to get the gearbox repair and cleaning that will keep your operation running smoothly.

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