Conveyor Drives

Philadelphia Gear brand conveyor drives range from small motor-driven units providing across-the-line belt starting, to very large soft-start reducers incorporated into multiple drive conveyor systems.

Our range of conveyor drive applications include:

  • Overland coal and ancillary transportation
  • Underground mine slope belt conveyor drives
  • Underground coal mine feeder drives
  • Coal handling facility stacker/reclaimer drives
  • Underground coal mine longwall face conveyor drives
  • Power plant coal feeder drives


*Soft-start capability permits controlled acceleration of load from rest to normal operating speed.

Our gearbox configurations are as flexible and comprehensive as your application, and are designed to offer a wide array of size and footprint variations. In addition, we can assemble any possible gear arrangement necessary, including parallel shaft, in-line epicyclic and bevel helical gearbox configurations.

Philadelphia Gear
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