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Founded in 1892, Philadelphia Gear can trace its service to the marine market back to 1916, and the important role it played in gear manufacturing during World War 1. The company would continue to grow into a world leader in the design and manufacture of industrial gearing and enclosed drives in virtually every application.

Now in its second century of operation, and as part of The Timken Company, Philadelphia Gear has never been better positioned to serve the marine markets. In fact, Philadelphia Gear is the exclusive OEM source for critical gearing applications on over 90% of the active U.S. Navy’s fleet, including main propulsion reduction gears (MRGs) up to 60,000 horsepower. Whether it’s an industrial, commercial or military marine application, Philadelphia Gear brings the same level of attention to detail and expertise to delivering engineered solutions to complex marine challenges.

Gearing Related Applications

  • Main Reduction Gears (MRGs)
  • Lube Oil Pump Systems
  • Winch Drives
  • Diesel Turbine Generator Drives
  • Wet and Drive Clutches
  • Propulsion Shafting and Couplings
  • High Volume Marine (Jet) Pumps and Drives
  • Bow Thruster Drives
  • Compressor Gear Drives
Philadelphia Gear

You don’t have to be launching guided missiles from a destroyer to understand that the entire marine industry depends on high quality, reliable and top performing power transmission equipment. Our customers are continually challenged with lowering the cost of operation, while achieving the highest levels of “mission ready” status possible.

Downtime can be catastrophic. This challenge aligns perfectly with Philadelphia Gear’s mission to provide the lowest lifecycle costs of operation with the highest degrees of reliability.

Our regional service and manufacturing approach, combined with a national network of engineering talent, allows us to meet both the daily and long-term pressures our customers face. Additionally, with our acquisitions of WesTech and Western Gear, and specific marine-related intellectual property from DeLaval and GE, we have one of the most comprehensive installed base of marine systems on the market today

Extensive Product Experience:

  • Parallel Shaft Gearing
  • Epicyclic Gearing
  • Hydroviscous Clutches/Breaks
  • Worm Gearing
  • Bevel Gearing
  • Couplings
  • Internal Gearing
  • Spur Gearing
  • Single Helical Gearing
  • Double Helical Gearing
  • Cross Helical Gearing
  • Herringbone Gearing
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