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Philadelphia Gear has seven manufacturing and service facilities in the U.S. and Canada, specifically positioned to put us near our customers. These include Houston, Texas (2); Birmingham, Alabama; Chicago, Illinois; New Castle, Delaware; Santa Fe Springs, California; and Saskatoon, Canada (Standard Machine).

Throughout our history, Philadelphia Gear – and, by extension, our other proprietary brands Western/WesTech Gear, GE Marine, and DeLaval Steam Turbine – all have worked hard to stay on the leading edge of both manufacturing technologies and engineering practices.

Philadelphia Gear

Plant Equipment and Capabilities:

  • Test stands capable of running MRGs to 60,000 HP at full load
  • Fully outfitted machine shops with precision equipment
  • 70-ton crane capacity
  • Fully outfitted machine shop with precision equipment
  • On-site engineering backed by corporate technical center in Philadelphia
  • Machine capabilities
    • Turning shafts 36” in diameter and 10’ in length
    • Jig mill capabilities for housings and components
    • Turning on CNC Vertical 56” VBM
    • Vertical Turning Lathe (VTL) to 300”
    • Shaft grinding 36” in diameter and 20’ in length
    • Gear grinding to 4.0 meters and to DIN 1 quality standard
    • Gear hobbing to 5.0 meters and finished to AGMA Quality 12
    • In-house shaft balancing to 4.5 meters
    • 5-Axis machining centers
    • Multiple roll stands for gear contact checks
    • Paint booths and long-term preservation tanks
    • Certified welders and non-destructive testing capabilities on-site
State-of-the-Art Facility for Military Marine Programs
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