Philadelphia Gear

New High-Speed Drive Design

For over 120 years Philadelphia Gear has designed and manufactured a wide variety of power transmission products for industrial and military use. That dedication to excellence is as strong today as it was in 1892. Now a part of The Timken Company, Philadelphia Gear has never been stronger, or better positioned to serve its customers’ needs.

As a founding member of the American Gear Manufacturer’s Association (AGMA), as well as a current member and technical contributor to the American Petroleum Institute (API), Philadelphia Gear is uniquely positioned with expertise to serve the worldwide high-speed gear drive market.

Current trends toward greater plant productivity – especially in the process industries – have required the design of rotating machinery to be larger, faster and capable of transmitting more power. Advanced gear design and manufacturing capabilities developed at Philadelphia Gear, plus extensive operational field experience, makes it possible for us to do what few can: namely, meet these exacting requirements. Philadelphia Gear’s long history in serving this market is evidenced by the fact that we have units successfully operating in the field rated up to 80,000 horsepower with shaft speeds up to 70,000 RPM, and pitch line velocities exceeding 35,000 feet per minute

Now Philadelphia Gear is proud to announce its newest line of high-speed, parallel shaft gear drives. A perfect blend of world-class engineering, long-term reliability and highly competitive initial cost.