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Philadelphia Gear advanced the U.S. paper industry with the development of a versatile, shaft mounted gear system for driving paper machine dryers, which became known as "The Yankee Dryer" design. This system eliminates the inefficient and often maintenance-prone employment of chains and sprockets. Today, Philadelphia Gear's design experience and high engineering standards, coupled with the service capabilities of our technical experts, ensure that these critical - and sometimes difficult to maintain machines - stay available and run at high levels.

Philadelphia Gear continues to work to provide solutions to meet the diverse needs of the paper and pulp industry.

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Philadelphia Gear

Philadelphia Gear provides gearing and service for the following companies:

Andritz-Sprout Bauer
Deferiet Paper
Fort James (www.gp.com) 
Gaylord Container (www.gaylordcontainer.com) 
Georgia Pacific (www.gp.com) 
International Paper (www.internationalpaper.com) 
Jefferson Smurfit (www.smurfit-group.com) 
Kimberley-Clark (www.kimberly-clark.com) 
Morbark (http://www.morbark.com/main.html) 
Oxford Container (www.oxfordcontainer.com) 
P.H. Gladfelter
Shasta Paper (http://www.visy.com.au/visy_paper/s1_home/home.asp) 
Westvaco (www.westvaco.com) 
Weyerhauser (www.weyerhaeuser.com) 
Ash Grove Tank

Improper gearbox lubrication and vibration can destroy gears and repairs can takes weeks to complete. For this reason, preventive maintenance is the key to cost-effective and high performance industrial plants. At Philadelphia Gear, we’re qualified to handle all phases of gearbox repair, including inspection and measurement, overhaul, engineering evaluation, spin and load testing, uprating, reverse engineering, and more. Under our preventive maintenance services, we strive to keep oil clean and free of foreign materials so that sufficient lubrication is achieved. By analyzing shaft vibration, we can determine if your machine is imbalanced, misaligned, has general looseness or wear, bearing defects, gear defects, or some other unforeseen problem. Regular preventive maintenance and unparalleled gearbox repair services from Philadelphia Gear will keep your equipment running at peak output levels during critical production cycles.

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