PG is There For You During All Steps of Gearbox Repair and Overhaul

When it comes to gearbox repairs, Philadelphia Gear believes that it’s extremely important to have continuity throughout the process. If you have to go one place for full disassembly and cleaning, and elsewhere for inspection and measurement, conflicting visions of the gearbox repair and overhaul process could leave you dissatisfied with the results. That’s why, at PG, we identify and fix your gearbox transmission problems from start to finish, right down to the reinstallation and inspection of your newly restored and refurbished gearbox.

A leading gearbox manufacturer and repairer since the late 1800s, and a founding member of the American Gear Manufacturing Association (AGMA), Philadelphia Gear is well equipped to enhance gearbox performance, assist with power transmission restoration and repair, and service a wide variety of equipment, including gear drives, enclosed drives, parallel shafts, bevel gear drives, high speed gearboxes, crusher drives, and variable speed drives. No matter where you are in the gearbox repair and restoration process, trust PG to give you the results you need.

Philadelphia Gear

After your gearbox has undergone full disassembly and cleaning, as well as inspection and measurement, PG will be there for the third step in the gear box repair process: evaluating the engineering of your gearbox and providing you with recommendations. PG has the expertise and knowledge to evaluate your gearbox and advise accordingly. When seeking to address gearbox vibration, enhance efficiency, increase horsepower ratings, or improve speed and control, allow PG to make the evaluations that will get your equipment running smoothly. Throughout our lengthy history, top companies in the fields of power generation, refining, mining, steel production, and water management have turned to PG to ensure that their gearboxes run reliably and effectively. When the success of your company depends on the success of your gearboxes, then depend on PG.

PG Provides Engineering and Evaluations for Enclosed Drives, Crusher Drives, and More

Too often, it seems that you must choose between a local outfit that doesn’t have the global resources of a large international company, and a large international company that doesn’t have the reliability and customer-oriented service provided by a local outfit. With PG, you get the best of both worlds. We have five strategically located sites across the United States, each site fully capable of addressing all of your gearbox needs in a manner marked by careful service and attention to detail. Yet we also have a strong global presence, with PG manufactured gears running oil-drilling operations in the Middle East and power generation efforts in Ontario. Browse our website today and see why many industry-leading enterprises rely on the experience, support, and excellence that PG has offered for more than a century.

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