Classifier and Atomizer Drives

Though not present in all pulverizer applications, the primary function of the classifier gearbox is to transmit power from a hydraulic or electric motor to rotate a blade assembly that controls the fineness of the coal. The coal then passes through a mesh that consists of 200 holes per square inch, before it is burned in the boiler.

Classifier Drives Table
Philadelphia Gear
Philadelphia Gear Classifier Drives

Primary features of Philadelphia Gear brand classifier drives include:

  • Vertical, parallel shaft gearing configuration
  • Single helical gearing supported by rolling element bearings
  • Rotating elements pressure lubricated by a shaft-driven oil pump
  • Hollow output shaft to allow for the pulverizer’s inner feed-pipe

Atomizer gear drives (flue gas desulfurizers) are high-speed drives and are part of the scrubbing system. The drives are used to spin a disc that disperses a lime slurry into the smokestack to reduce the amount of harmful emissions of SO2 (sulfur dioxide), which occurs during the coal burning process. The lime particles attach themselves to the SO2 particles, causing them to fall to the bottom of the smokestack, where they are collected for disposal or resale as raw material.

Primary features of Philadelphia Gear atomizer drives:

  • Vertical, single stage, parallel shaft step-up gearing configuration
  • Single helical gearing supported by fluid film bearings
  • Other special features include instrumentation such as vibration and temperature probes
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