Our new high-speed gear drive

Is boring.

When it comes to running your mission-critical applications, you don't want any surprises. Here at Philadelphia Gear, we're proud to say our new high-speed gear drive is as predictable, consistent, and boring as we could make, but we've taken some exciting steps to get it there.



our engineers designed a revolutionary new universal housing design. The new technology allows us to build and ship our drives faster. We're also able to minimize material costs, and we pass that savings on to our customers.



we built a state-of-the-art testing and manufacturing center, where each drive is assembled and calibrated to achieve maximum performance in the field.



every one of our high-speed gear drives is covered by our industry-best 5-year warranty. So, if anything exciting does happen, we'll get you the replacement parts you need before your heart rate has a chance to speed up.

5 Years Warranty

Industry-leading 5-year warranty

The Philadelphia Gear warranty is the longest lasting, most comprehensive in the industry. We believe that world-class gear drives should be backed by a world-class warranty.

Established 1892

Philadelphia Gear was founded over a century ago to provide state-of-the-art gearing for the emerging industries of Pennsylvania. Since 1892, the company has earned a global reputation as an expert manufacturer of power transmission solutions for the world's energy, infrastructure, and defense industries. To learn more about Philadelphia Gear, visit