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PGC Offers the Best in Repair and Overhaul of Brand Name Gearboxes and their Components

At Philadelphia Gear, our top priority is providing you with the highest level of quality in gearbox manufacturing and repair.  For well over a century we’ve been at the forefront of gear-based innovation, growing to a global level over time while offering our cutting-edge gearboxes to a wide variety of industries.  As a founding member of the American Gear Manufacturers Association, PGC boasts a tradition of excellence in the field of gear manufacturing and repair, a tradition of excellence of which you can be a part, whether your gears were manufactured by PGC or not.  Even if the gears running your operation were manufactured by another brand name gearbox company, PGC can submit them to the same rigorous and comprehensive inspection and repair process that we use on gearboxes made by PGC and its subsidiaries.   Restoring and refurbishing power trains through our multi-step repair and overhaul process, PGC can ensure that your gearboxes are performing optimally, even if they were not originally manufactured by us.  If you want peak performance from your enclosed drives, bevel gear drives, parallel shafts, high speed gearboxes, variable speed drives, or crusher drives, then turn to PGC, for gearboxes manufactured by us, our subsidiaries, or other companies.


PGC’s gearbox repair and overhaul process features several steps, each of which is an integral part of ensuring that your enclosed drives perform optimally.  Beginning with full disassembly and cleaning, the repair and overhaul process includes inspection and measurement, engineering evaluation and recommendations, upgrading and

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modifications, the potential to duplicate any gear system through reverse engineering, performance, spin, and load tests, and reinstallation and inspection.  Whether you just need slight gearbox modifications or a full automatic transmission overhaul, PGC has expert technicians and a wealth of technical knowledge that equip them to address all of your gearbox problems.


PGC: Leading the Way in Gearbox Manufacturing and Repair for more than a Century

With five fully operational facilities located strategically around the country, PGC is in the perfect position to manufacture and repair your gearboxes no matter where your outfit resides. Our worldwide clientele includes industry leaders in the fields of power generation, water management, petrochemicals, steel, cement, and more. Companies whose success depends on consistently functioning gearboxes trust PGC because the expertise and care with which we manufacture each gearbox, as well as the thoroughness with which we repair, refurbish, and overhaul transmissions. Browse our website today to see what PGC can do in the area of gearbox restoration, and gear up for reliable service from an exceptional manufacturer and repairer of gearboxes.



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