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Renewal Parts

Replacement parts from different manufacturers can differ on many levels - from the material used, to the surface finish, to a part's heat treat. Production costs can be skimped on any of these characteristics, leading to an inferior product that may be more trouble than it was worth to install. Only by using Philadelphia Gear replacement parts can you guarantee that your new parts will provide the same quality afforded by the originals. Please note that Philadelphia Gear is the exclusive provider of Delaval, Western Gear and WesTech parts.


Purchasing Philadelphia Gear renewal parts for your Philadelphia Gear equipment ensures that all parts are built to correct specifications, including any improvements that may have been incorporated into the drive design. Plus, should you need to use Philadelphia Gear replacement parts, all existing guarantees and warranties on the original equipment are applicable, along with technical support (if needed) from our world-class engineering staff.


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Philadelphia Gear offers a number of programs to meet your replacement parts needs. Such programs are generally organized into the following categories:


• Commissioning Spares: Renewal parts (packing, seals, etc.) that will be required during the commissioning of equipment.

• Two-Year Operation Spares: Renewal parts (bearings, clutch plates, etc.) that will be required during the first two years of operation.

• Capital Spares: Renewal parts not included in the previous two categories; components such as gearing (pinions, gears, etc.) are usually grouped in this category.



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The best way to gauge your replacement parts needs is by talking to a Philadelphia Gear representative. That can be accomplished by calling the regional service center in your area or by calling our corporate headquarters at 800-265-3000. You can also submit a parts quote request online simply by clicking here.




Regardless of the original manufacturer, Philadelphia Gear services gearboxes for a variety of machinery used in the following industries: power generation, refining and pipeline, petrochemical, mining, cement, steel, pulp and paper, water management, sugar, and marine. Saving our customers time and money is important to us and for that reason we provide RapidGear® emergency breakdown service and when possible, work to save existing components and refurbish parts. Convenience and quality are as important to our customers as they are to our staff. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service because our customers deserve nothing less. To see how we can help you or to learn more about our gearbox repair services, contact Philadelphia Gear at 1-800-766-5120.

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