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Inspect, Repair & Upgrade Service

Philadelphia Gear is your source for the inspection and repair and upgrade of any brand of equipment. In addition to our proprietary brands...


Western Gear Corporation


Western Gear Corporation 


Philadelphia Gear


...please see the list below for other brands we have repaired and improved. Using state-of-the-art inspection and measurement equipment and techniques, each Philadelphia Gear regional service and manufacturing facility is equipped and staffed to provide qualified answers to critical gear questions.


Repair and Overhaul: Philadelphia Gear personnel are thoroughly skilled in performing gearbox failure root cause analysis. For repairs, we provide full disassembly and cleaning, inspection and measurement, engineering evaluation and recommendations, performance of repairs and spin test.


Philadelphia Gear Inspect, Repair & Upgrade Service
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All repaired equipment is backed by our best-in-industry three-year warranty.


Click here for information on emergency overhaul service



Up-rating: Philadelphia Gear can determine up-rate potential by performing a detailed review of a gearbox and its application. In many instances, a gearbox can be up-rated without adversely affecting existing gearbox interface requirements. This design capability can be found in our regional service and manufacturing facilities.


Reverse Engineering: By using its 120 years of design experience, Philadelphia Gear and apply its world class standards of function and reliability to any gearbox, regardless of who was the original manufacturer.  This will ensure you get Philadelphia Gear quality and performance out of your equipment.


*Philadelphia Gear, WesTech and Western Gear are registered trademarks of Timken Gears & Services Inc.


Philadelphia Gear Works on all Brands

Amarillo General Electric Nuttall
Chemineer Hartig *Philadelphia Gear
Cleveland Hansen Philadelphia Mixer
David Brown Horsburgh & Scott Renk
Delaval Lightnin Renold
D.O. James Link-Belt Sumitomo
Falk Lufkin Thyssen
Farrell Maag
Flender Marley
Foote Jones Mixco Westinghouse



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