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Measure Up to the Competition with Gearbox Inspection and Measurement by PGC

At the Philadelphia Gear, we are prepared to meet your needs at every point of the gearbox repair and overhaul process.  After identifying and targeting a gearbox problem and completing the full disassembly and cleaning stage, the experts at PGC will begin the inspection and measurement phase of power transmission restoration.  With the experience and ability that accompany a century of innovation and excellence, PGC will inspect and measure your gearbox to document its current state, just as it has for countless industry-leading enterprises over the years.  No operation can expect success with gears that function inconsistently or at a sub-par level.  That’s why the biggest names in the fields of power generation, petrochemicals, water management, and paper production trust PGC to enhance gearbox performance and restore power transmissions.  At Philadelphia Gear, we work with and have designed and manufactured a vast array of enclosed drives, including: bevel drives, high speed gearboxes, crusher drives, and variable speed drives, serving our customers by manufacturing, restoring, and refurbishing gears.  Trust PGC to lead you through the process of gearbox overhaul, including transmission inspection and measurement, and expect nothing less than the smooth operation of the gearboxes on which you depend.

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Each of Philadelphia Gear’s five regional service and manufacturing facilities, located strategically around the country to meet the needs of enterprises everywhere, have repair and upgrade capabilities that include the important step of inspection and measurement.  We provide gearbox assessments, specifications, and checks for gearboxes that are essential to the operation of many different industries.  Whether we’re checking gearbox oil for a cement company in the Southwest or examining the  the bearing tolerances of a BOF drive for a global steel outfit, PGC provides its customers with the best service in gearbox repair.  Offering precise gearbox calculations and the ability to enhance gearbox efficiency, PGC is the name to rely on for all of your gearbox needs.  From disassembly and cleaning to reinstallation and inspection, PGC excels at meeting the gearbox overhaul needs of the best-known names in many fields including power generation, mining, and sugar production.  The clients we serve know that if you depend on gearboxes, then you should depend on the only gearbox manufacturer and repairer with a century of experience and a coast-to-coast network of wholly-owned, and independently ISO certified regional service centers.


Trust Your Gearbox Repair and Refurbishment to the Experts at Philadelphia Gear

Using state-of-the-art inspection and measurement techniques, PGC is able to provide answers to gearbox problems.  When it comes time to manufacture or repair the gearboxes on which your operation relies, turn to PGC to ensure that they get superior treatment.  Whether you’re seeking to repair a gearbox or guard against gearbox malfunction, Philadelphia Gear is the name to rely on.  Browse our website today to see the dependability and excellence that PGC can provide in servicing your gearboxes, as well as the many world-renowned companies that have trusted PGC to keep them running smoothly.



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