Philadelphia Gear

Mission Critical. Mission Ready.

The military marine industry depends on high quality, reliable and top performing power transmission equipment. Our customers are continually challenged with lowering the cost of operation, while achieving the highest levels of “mission ready” status possible.

Downtime can be catastrophic and downtime can cost lives. This is the challenge, and it aligns perfectly with Philadelphia Gear’s mission to provide the lowest lifecycle costs of operation, with the highest degrees of reliability.

The combination of decades of experience, a regional service and manufacturing approach, and a national network of engineering support, positions Philadelphia Gear to help meet both the daily and long-term challenges faced by the Navy and Coast Guard. Combined with the acquisition of WesTech and Western Gear, and certain specific marine-related intellectual property of DeLaval and GE, we offer world-class expertise in power transmission design, manufacture and on-site technical services.


Philadelphia Gear has designed and manufactured marine gears ranging in size from 500 HP to 50,000 HP and they all have one thing in common: they are built to last. As the supplier of the broadest range of marine gearing of any U.S. manufacturer, we are uniquely suited to fulfill the 30, 40, or 50-year lifecycle requirements that are demanded in these applications.

Used on military vessels driven by diesel engines, gas turbines, steam turbines and electric motors, Philadelphia Gear has supplied equipment for a wide variety of main propulsion, power generation, thruster and auxiliary applications. This broad base of experience gives us a unique insight into the special problems of the ship designer and the ship builder, and it equips us to deliver a reliable, easy-to-maintain drive that provides a low cost of ownership during its many decades of operation.

Upgrade capabilities, critical to staying competitive in the marine industry, are available at each regional service and manufacturing facility. Each facility communicates directly with Philadelphia Gear’s Engineering and Technical Center and has Internet access to the company’s vast library of drawings, engineering standards, bills of material, manufacturing process standards and other related intellectual property.


U.S. Navy Vessels

Philadelphia Gear and Western Gear have long served the U.S. Navy as OEMs for critical gearing applications. Now, with the 2008 acquisition of certain GE Marine Gearing intellectual property (excepting only nuclear main reduction gears), these brands are the original equipment manufacturer of record for more than 90% of the frontline combatant vessels in the US naval fleet.

  • Surface Combatants
    • CVN 68 Nimitz Class
    • FFG 7 Oliver Hazard Perry Class
    • DDG 51 Arleigh Burke Class
  • Amphibious Warfare Ships
    • LHA 6 America Class
    • LHD 1 Wasp Class
    • LPD 17 San Antonio Class
    • LSD 41 Whidbey Island Class
    • MCM 1 Avenger Class
  • Naval Submarines
    • SSN 21 Seawolf Class
    • SSN 774 Virginia Class
    • SSN 688 Los Angeles Class

U.S. Coast Guard Vessels

The following ship classes depend on main reduction gears from Philadelphia Gear and Western Gear.

  • WLB Juniper Class of Seagoing Buoy Tenders
  • WHEC Hamilton Class Cutters
  • WAGB Polar Class Ice Breakers
  • WMEC Reliance Class Cutters
  • WPC Coastal Patrol Boats