Philadelphia Gear, Providing Gearing Solutions for More Than a Century.
Providing gearing solutions for more than a century. Philadelphia Gear: Local service. National support. Global expertise.
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Philadelphia Gear: Power Transmission Design and Gearbox Repair

Philadelphia Gear specializes in gearbox repair, engine restoration, and transmission overhaul. As part of their restoration services, Philadelphia Gear will fully disassemble, clean, inspect, and evaluate the part that needs repair before making any recommendations, such as upgrading, modifying, or reverse engineering. Philadelphia Gear will also run performance, spin, and load tests to ensure optimal results. Philadelphia Gear has the expertise to complete a project from reinstallation to inspection for a wide variety of industries.


Gearbox Manufacturing Repair by Philadelphia Gear
Once Philadelphia Gear has evaluated the gear system, they may find it necessary to duplicate the gear through reverse engineering and will run performance, spin, and load tests. The full-speed spin tests will monitor oil temperature, pressure, and flow. Through extensive testing, Philadelphia Gear will ensure that all components are in working order for whatever task they’re designed.

Even if the gearbox was manufactured by another brand name company, Philadelphia Gear will treat it as one of its own and put it through the same trusted restoration process. No matter what name is on the gearbox, Philadelphia Gear brands it with their expert gearing solutions, even in an emergency. Philadelphia Gear’s RapidGear Emergency Repair Service offers leading technical service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Industry Applications for Gearbox Repair
Philadelphia Gear provides gearbox repair to a wide variety of industries, including mining and material handling, military marine and commercial, aircraft equipment, waste management, metal processing, chemical, and more. Click the links below to learn more about how Philadelphia Gear assists some of the largest industries in the world:


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Gears, and the boxes that house them, help give engines the power they need to be productive. Over time, a gearbox can suffer extreme wear and tear, depending on the application. Some parts may need to be replaced and design alterations may need to be done to ensure proper functionality. Philadelphia Gear specializes in gearbox repair for a variety of industries, including but not limited to power generation, petrochemical, water management, and steel processing. Contact Philadelphia Gear at 1-800-766-5120 to extend the life of your gearbox and keep your machinery running at optimum performance.

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